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  1. On the main menu to the right of Home, clicking on Catalogue will open pages showing our full selection in unsorted order. You may choose to view the Catalogue by clicking Alphabetically A-Z, (or other sorting from a drop down menu), or you may double click on one of the two geometric symbols changing the view from "tile" to "grid" view.
  2. To search for a specific item, click on the white box to the right of the Cart icon. This will open a page Search for products. Type in what you are looking for.
  3. Clicking on Side bar (last box in the Main menu), will open a page showing an example of all of our Collections (groups of related items). You may click on a specific image to see all of our examples in that group.
  4. The Sidebar Menu listed vertically on the left side of the   Home Page lists all of our various collections in alphabetic order. You may click on a collection name, eg: Art Glass, and go directly to to a page showing all items in that collection.
  5. Below the vertical Sidebar Menu, there is a column entitled Shop by type. You may scroll down that list to find various keywords in our product listings.