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Gentleman's Jewellery Box Black Leather From Early Boot's UK

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Gentleman's Jewellery Box Black Leather From Early Boot's UK


Boot's UK is a present day retailer of health and beauty supplies in Great Britain. This very high quality box is stamped in gold: Boots Fancy Dept British Manufacture. So at one time at least (and they have a very long and diverse history) they were offering upscale furnishings and gifts. This gentleman's jewellery box is covered in crosshatched black leather and accented in gold. There is a recessed brass bail handle set into the lid and there is a brass keyhole escutcheon. The key for the lock is still present. The interior is covered with a very dark green velvet. The removable tray is covered with leather and the tray edges are picked out in gold. There is a slot for rings and a recess for a pocket watch plus 3 other sections. The inside walls of the box that are not velvet covered are leather covered. There are a couple of minor dents and small abrasions to the leather, but this box was very well taken care of. Condition very good. Dimensions are: 9 inches wide, 6-1`2in. deep and 3-1/2in. high. C. 1940-50.

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