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SOLD. SOLD. Mobile Dental Cabinet by National Cabinet Co. 10 Drawers 3 Trays

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SOLD. SOLD. Mobile Dental Cabinet by National Cabinet Co. 10 Drawers 3 Trays


Sold. Sold. A beautifully laid out mobile dental cabinet by National Cabinet Co., Dayton, Ohio. Dimensions 15in. high, 16in. wide and 9-1/4 deep. Covered with a durable faux leather fabric. Stenciled in white front and back with the name of a former user. There is a very sturdy luggage handle covered with belting leather. Steel reinforcement to all corners, steel glides on bottom. 3 latches on steel hinged lid. Front latch is lockable and the key is still with it. There is a fall front which lays down to expose a work surface with a counter sunk steel plate. The plate is enameled white and there is some scuffing to the enamel. The fall front can slide back into the case for portability. There is a wonderful spring loaded mechanism which secures the fall front when the case is closed up. Pushing down on the cover (with force) depresses 2 shafts (spring loaded) down into pockets in the cover so that it is secure when traveling. (Always snap the side latches, too.) Raising the lid reveals 2 rising trays. Each tray has 37 slots for shafted tools. The bottom of the upper section also has 37 slots for a total of 111. The slots are all named for the original inventory of equipment. The lid has 2 coiled springs strung across for securing things. Inside the case there are 10 drawers in 2 banks of five. The top 2 drawers in each bank are the same narrow depth. The other drawers are graduated larger to the bottom. Both banks are identical. The drawers all have white steel bottoms. This cabinet is in very good working and cosmetic condition. It, of course, could be used for lots of different purposes. C. 1950.

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